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A New Business Paradigm Requires an Integrated Approach to Strategic Agility

You are likely already experiencing the combined forces of exponential change and increasing complexity that are stretching your current business models to the limit. Long-held assumptions about industries and customers are being challenged; new data metrics are driving decision-making, and people are being asked to collaborate and deliver results in the midst of increasing uncertainty and ambiguity.

Strategic agility requires understanding and managing interactions across three interdependent and evolving systems: the market, the organization, and the human.

Market System

  • Helping leaders know how to keep pace with the rate of change in the marketplace and avoid being disrupted

  • Take customer centricity and innovation to the next level

  • Digital transformation- understanding digital is the driver of strategy and innovation, not an enabler

Organization System

  • Transforming the business – how to make the “Core” more efficient AND explore and test new businesses at the “Edge”

  • Improving decision velocity and quality in the midst of greater complexity

  • A new dashboard for a changing world- shift our metrics and manage to them to create more agility in our businesses

  • How to use data and data science to improve efficiency and make better decisions

Human System

  • Creating and managing smaller, faster “Agile” teams to drive results

  • How to accelerate a culture change/transformation

  • The power of purpose at an organization and team level as a navigation and engagement tool

This course offers a closer look at what is changing within each and what you can do to help your team quickly adapt and respond.