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Duke Corporate Education

Welcome to My Duke Corporate Education!

Please watch the video below to learn more about how to navigate the site, access learning content, and manage your plan.



Welcome to My Duke Corporate Education, an exciting new place for you to learn, engage, and transform your leadership online.


This video will provide a brief overview of how to use the My Duke Corporate Education learning platform.


To access the platform, follow the link provided in the email, click Login in the upper right hand corner. Then enter your credentials to gain access to your dashboard. The homepage is where you will find all of the information related to your learning program, including required content, peer or manager recommended content, and learning events.


Selecting a program from the homescreen opens the module page. Clicking in a module opens the learning pathway where you can see every assignment in the journey. Click Get Started to begin your learning journey with the first assignment.


My Duke Corporate Education includes access to Duke CE's thought leadership. Click Browse from the home screen to access the list of topics. Click into any topic to view all curated resources associated to that topic. Click follow in the upper right to follow that topic and get notifications when new content is posted.


In addition to Duke see thought leadership, you also have access to resources curated through the Cat Cat project. By clicking the Discover tab, you will find featured articles and topics to enhance and personalize your learning journey.


The Events tab is where you will see all events for which you're eligible to enroll. Simply click the item to enroll in the event. Then it will move to the My Events section of the page. Click My Events and then go into the individual event to manage your enrollment. If you've requested attendance to an event that is moderated, that will show up under the requested tab.


The Plan tab is where you can see any item in your learning plan, including required, recommended and elected items. You can filter those items by length, and remove or edit any items that have been recommended to you or have been elected. You may not remove required items from your plan.


In the upper right hand side of your homepage, you will find the search bar searching for any term will return content, events or items curated to the Cat Cat catalog related to that particular search term.


My Duke Corporate Education is more than just a learning platform. By clicking the small dots next to the search bar, you'll gain access to Tribe/Social our powerful social media tool, where you can connect with educators and peers. And you'll also access level where you can earn points, collect badges and awards, and level yourself up. Let's begin with an overview of Tribe/Social.


Tribe/Social is a proprietary and secure social media platform inside of My Duke Corporate Education. Private groups allow you to chat with peers, connect with educators, and network just as you would in a face to face learning experience. One on One, and small group chats allow you to dive deep on topics that interest you making for a connected, engaging learning journey.


Level allows you to track your progress through your learning journey, through experience points, badges and other metrics. Viewing your profile allows you to see completions, awards, including the opportunity to print Awards, and any badges earned.


Clicking the user icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen will allow you to access your profile where you can edit your profile to add an image, connect your social media accounts and set your time zone. Please do this as soon as possible upon your first login.


Finally, clicking the notification bell will show you any awards or badges earned, new items in your learning plan, or new articles added to topics that you follow.


Thank you for watching this brief overview of the My Duke Corporate Education learning platform. We look forward to helping you learn, engage and transform!